Which (electric) skateboards fit the ATSA backpack?

Although this list is far from complete because new brands are coming on a monthly basis we do fit most sizes. From Evolve to Exway, from Meepo to Kaly.nyc.

When writing this FAQ we know that the following boards fit the ATSA backpack:

Apsuboard V3
Apsuboard X1
AeBoard AE3
AeBoard Hornet Belt
AeBoard AX
AeBoard AX Mini
AeBoard GT
Ancheer Mini
Backfire G2 Galaxy
Backfire G2 Black
Backfire G3
Backfire G3 Plus
Backfire Mini
Backfire Ranger X2
Backfire Zealot
Bajaboard G4X
Bajaboard S2
Bioboards Thorium X4
Boosted Mini S
Boosted Mini X
Boosted Plus
Boosted Stealth
Evolve GTR
Exway Atlas
Exway Flex
Exway Wave
Exway X1 Pro
Hoyt St EL1
Kaly NYC XL50+
Lacroix Jaws
Lacroix Nazaré
Lacroix Nazaré Lonestar
Lycaon TRX
Lycaon GR
Maxfind FF Plus
Maxfind Max 4 Pro
Maxfind M5 Drive Kit
Meepo AWD Pro
Meepo Classic 2
Meepo Mini 2
Meepo NLS Pro
Meepo NLS Belt
Meepo V3
Metroboard X
Miles Rampage
Onewheel+ XR
Onewheel Pint
ONSRA Black Carve
Ownboard Bamboo/ Carbon AT
Ownboard W2
Revel Kit
Riptide R1
Riptide R1X
Unlimited X Loaded Cruiser
Unlimited x Loaded Race Kit
Unlimited X Loaded Solo
Verreal Mini
Verreal RS
Vestar Black Hawk
Vestar Mini
Vestar Night Fury
WowGo AT2
WowGo 3
WowGo 3X
WowGo Knight

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