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I have yet to receive the bag and so far, it is 5 days late with no response on your customer service, nor is there an update from the shipping company.

The shipping company has also stopped updating the shipping status of the bag. Can you please help to check this?

11 months ago
Joseph Meighan
Joseph Meighan
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I'm still waiting for it

12 months ago


This week I present you the backpack from ATSA that Fatdaddy, a Dutch retailer, sent me before it was released.
After 2 weeks of use, let’s review it together!

Daniel Kwan

Unboxing a few items: Predator FR7 helmet, Predator DH6-X helmet, ATSA backpack for electric skateboards, and a new deck! 


This electric skateboard backpack has so many pockets and places to put things. They’ve thought of everything. It’s really comfortable, rugged, stylish and durable. It’s the only backpack I use now. eskating or not.

DIY esk8 Builders

I always take a bag when skating, but this one is better in every way than any of the regular ones that I use. I love how high quality and padded it is as well as all of the pockets that it has and the magnetic latches and magnetic waterproof top of the bag. 


Atsabag, a premium electric skateboard carry bag. Is it worth the price? What makes it special? Your burning questions answered in just 5 minutes.

Electric Skateboard Malaysia

There’s no detailed video on the internet about this awesome but expensive ATSA Electric Skateboard Everyday Carry Backpack, so… we decide to make one. $200? Worth it? Let’s find out!

Ernest Ramos

The ATSA Everyday Eskate Backpack is probably one of the best eskate backpacks out there right now.I go over the ins and outs of this backpack so that you’ll hopefully be able to decide if this one is for you.

Lew Tube

Fred Jr

Why we love magnets on our backpacks