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We guarantee our backpacks to be defect free. If you receive your ATSA and there’s a problem, please contact us and we’ll help you right away.

Our backpack has been developed for more than 18 months and we only use the most premium materials for the outside, inside, zippers and buckles. Although we are pretty sure our backpacks can take a beating things can happen and we will try and help you in the best possible way.

Defects are uncommon and are generally found in the first few uses. If something is wrong, you'll realize it pretty quickly. A zipper, for example, will not work from the get-go if it is defective. If two sections of fabric are not sewn together correctly, they’ll tear apart almost immediately.

To this extent, not considered to be a defect would be normal wear and tear, the natural breakdown of materials and colours, and certainly not accidents or over-use.

If in the high unlikely case of a defect we will replace the backpack at our discretion, you only pay for shipping. 

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