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About ATSA Everyday®

ATSA Everyday® was started with a singleminded goal to design the best Everyday Carry (EDC) bags for personal mobility commuters. Serving people who ride, skate, cycle, scoot, Onewheel and, hopefully in the very near future, hover to where they need to be. Speaking of Onewheel, we are also the same people who created the popular Superow Backpack for the Onewheel.

For our first ATSA Everyday® backpack, we went with our first love - Electric Skateboard (Esk8)! We love everything about Esk8s, craving it fast with the wind in our hair and the world behind us... Esk8 is not just carefree-fun exhilaration but a practical commuting device.

However, as Esk8 boards become larger with more batteries and AT setup, they become too heavy to bring around. We look at most of the Esk8 backpacks out there and didn't find any that will carry our Esk8 gears and our Everyday Carry such as office and tech tools. We decided to design one ourselves and it took us almost two years. But here we are. 

Take the road.®

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