Which (electric) skateboards fit the ATSA backpack?

Although this list is far from complete because new brands are coming on a monthly basis we do fit most sizes. From Evolve to Exway, from Meepo to Kaly.nyc. When writing this FAQ we know that the following boards fit the ATSA backpack: Apsuboard V3Apsuboard X1AeBoard AE3AeBoard Hornet BeltAeBoard AXAeBoard AX MiniAeBoard GTAncheer MiniBackfire G2 […]

How many compartments are there?

In our scientific compartment counting department our team there found. 3 mesh pockets in the main compartment and 2 pockets a dozen of elastic bands for all your accessories. On the outside there are 3 zipper pockets and 1 pocket with magnetic closing. And on the back we have a RFID blocking pocket and the […]

Can the ATSA survive a fall?

We all know that with skating falling is inevitable. One of our testers fell while riding 30MPH and the backpack helped break the fall significantly. It is still usable and the material and buckle did not even break. There might be some scratches.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! ATSA will be shipped worldwide via DHL Express, and via UPS or DHL Parcel in Europe. We have a warehouse in Amsterdam and ship worldwide, tracking code included. With your tracking code you can also change delivery options. Delivery will take up to 1-4 business days depending on your location.