• Tell me more about all the compartments the ATSA backpack has

    Skateboard compartment:
    Skateboard carry system with four adjustable straps
    Extra zippers to close system with and without a board.

    • The backpack has a separate compartment for your skateboard; the open strapping system is compatible with most (electric) boards.
    • It comes with two raincovers (large and small). One for your Esk8 and one to protect your helmet.
    • Support clips to ensure that the board doesn’t hit the back of your head or lower back.
    • Carrier for a full-size helmet which doesn’t take up interior space.
    • 17″ Laptop and 13″ tablet compartment.
    • Secure selfie stick attachment for handsfree filming above your head.
    • Reflective strips on the front and on the shoulder straps to ensure visibility at night.
    • Double opening design: top (magnetic) and front (zippers) – allows for easy access after strapping on a board.
    • High quality weatherproof fabric and zippers.
    • Magnetic buckles made in Germany.
    • RFID signal blocking compartment.
    • Front and top access.
    • Bottle holder.
    • Elastic bands for cable management
    • Durable battery compartment
    • laptop and Tablet compartment
    • Mesh top pouch.
    • Secret side pocket
    • Top and front pockets.
  • Which (electric) skateboards fit the ATSA backpack?

    Although this list is far from complete because new brands are coming on a monthly basis we do fit most sizes. From Evolve to Exway, from Meepo to Kaly.nyc.

    When writing this FAQ we know that the following boards fit the ATSA backpack:

    Apsuboard V3
    Apsuboard X1
    AeBoard AE3
    AeBoard Hornet Belt
    AeBoard AX
    AeBoard AX Mini
    AeBoard GT
    Ancheer Mini
    Backfire G2 Galaxy
    Backfire G2 Black
    Backfire G3
    Backfire G3 Plus
    Backfire Mini
    Backfire Ranger X2
    Backfire Zealot
    Bajaboard G4X
    Bajaboard S2
    Bioboards Thorium X4
    Boosted Mini S
    Boosted Mini X
    Boosted Plus
    Boosted Stealth
    Evolve GTR
    Exway Atlas
    Exway Flex
    Exway Wave
    Exway X1 Pro
    Hoyt St EL1
    Kaly NYC XL50+
    Lacroix Jaws
    Lacroix Nazaré
    Lacroix Nazaré Lonestar
    Lycaon TRX
    Lycaon GR
    Maxfind FF Plus
    Maxfind Max 4 Pro
    Maxfind M5 Drive Kit
    Meepo AWD Pro
    Meepo Classic 2
    Meepo Mini 2
    Meepo NLS Pro
    Meepo NLS Belt
    Meepo V3
    Metroboard X
    Miles Rampage
    Onewheel+ XR
    Onewheel Pint
    ONSRA Black Carve
    Ownboard Bamboo/ Carbon AT
    Ownboard W2
    Revel Kit
    Riptide R1
    Riptide R1X
    Unlimited X Loaded Cruiser
    Unlimited x Loaded Race Kit
    Unlimited X Loaded Solo
    Verreal Mini
    Verreal RS
    Vestar Black Hawk
    Vestar Mini
    Vestar Night Fury
    WowGo AT2
    WowGo 3
    WowGo 3X
    WowGo Knight

  • Is there assembly required?

    Nope. Open the box. Unpack it. Wear it. Done — No assembly is required.

  • How many compartments are there?

    In our scientific compartment counting department our team there found. 3 mesh pockets in the main compartment and 2 pockets a dozen of elastic bands for all your accessories. On the outside there are 3 zipper pockets and 1 pocket with magnetic closing. And on the back we have a RFID blocking pocket and the skateboard storage compartment.

    Outside front :
    Durable handle
    Magnetic top enclosure
    Upper Front pocket
    Hidden helmet carrier

    Outside back:
    Adjustable chest strap
    Adjustable shoulder straps
    Pouch on shoulder strap
    Phone holder on shoulder strap
    RFID compartment for creditcards and pasports

    Outside sides:
    Side pockets with magnetic enclosures
    Two side pouches for water bottle (500ml) or tripod
    Selfie stick holder

    Inside the bag compartment:
    Padded compartment for spare battery packs
    Mesh pouch
    Elastic webbing to keep tools and cables
    Two pockets with zippers
    Laptop sleeve 17″
    Tablet sleeve

    Skateboard compartment:
    Skateboard carry system with four adjustable straps
    Extra zippers to close system with and without a board.

  • Can the ATSA survive a fall?

    We all know that with skating falling is inevitable. One of our testers fell while riding 30MPH and the backpack helped break the fall significantly. It is still usable and the material and buckle did not even break. There might be some scratches.

  • How do i wash the ATSA?

    If the bag becomes dirty it can easily be wiped down with a damp cloth. The buttery smooth surface of the tarpaulin material makes the Atsa backpack extremely weatherproof and helps prevent stains from showing on the bag.

  • What are the dimensions

    H45 cm W36 cm L22 cm

    H17,7 inch W14,1 inch L8,6 inch

    Weight 2 kilo 4.4 lb

  • Do you ship worldwide?

    Yes! ATSA will be shipped worldwide via DHL Express, and via UPS or DHL Parcel in Europe. We have a warehouse in Amsterdam and ship worldwide, tracking code included. With your tracking code you can also change delivery options. Delivery will take up to 1-4 business days depending on your location.