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Designed to carry your Esk8 and Everyday-Carry essentials. 

Folks are loving it!

THIS BAG IS INCREDIBLE! It took me 14 mins to unbox it and find all the pockets etc! Well done! Wow! 

Jay B (

The best bag for esk8 so far, just come back from an amazing weekend of ride and I have to say nothing miss in this bag 🤩🤩🤩

Antoine M (@acvrider)

The ATSA board backpack is the most quality, versatile and sophisticated bag that fits in wherever you choose to take it!

Taylor B (@electricboardsofficial)

It also has loads of features that come with the bag! Integrated helmet carrier, eskate covers, removable laptop sleeve, and a lot more!!! I can’t stop recommending this awesome bag! 🥰

Dino E (@esk8ph)

As an esk8 bag this thing is godlike... nothing comes close. 

ZT (@esk8singapore)

This fits a bit more than dakine mission pro. Although it is heavier than the wandrd 31l, carrying the ATSA felt lighter somehow.


I'm loving your company's backpack so far really good investment/gift from my wife thanks for this amazing product keep up the awesome work 

Villis F

Dang that’s a really nice backpack!

Daniel K (

Love it, this bag is so well done, i was carrying the board around town, didnt bother me at all. Really good job

Lewis H

Esk8 and Everyday Carry

Quality Parts and Magnets

Hi-Tech and All-Weather

Experience and Workmanship

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